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This prayer wall is for those who would like to pray for others and their needs. If you would like your prayer request to appear on this wall simply submit a prayer request here and check the box next to Prayer Wall Prayer.

While you're here please pray for the Wretched Radio staff and their families. May they glorify God, be diligent and accurate in presenting the gospel and receive God's grace to remain humble. Thank you.

Please pray for healing for Ganso. His illness is getting worse. It's kidney problems (nephrotic syndrome). He writes: It's now affecting my feet. I'm on medical leave from work. It's hard to walk.

Todd- Meeting with pastor to discuss a dvd he gave me to watch how false 5 pint Calvinism is. Pray for patience and understanding on my part towards pastor. Humility, Knowledge, Trials, Peace, Self-control

Luke Smith- Feels like he fell away and cant get assurance back. Dealing with the possibility of bi-polar disorder. Trying to give up watching so much TV. Looking for a more biblical church. Restoration, Grace, Salvation, Mercy, Temptation, finding a church, repentance, healing, surrendering, peace, forgiveness, self-control.

Blake and Patricia Hornsby- restoration, salvation, mercy, humility. Patricia is married to a lost man. Please pray for his salvation and for her patience and also strength for her faith. It is a very trying time for her.

Meg has been suffering from anxiety/depression for over a year now and has gone to antidepressants. I have a fear of getting very sick to the point where it consumes her. Please pray for restoration.

Amber is asking for prayer for parents. Lots of argument and refusal to see if in sin; dad is a pastor. Her marriage is suffering because of husband's addiction to pornography addiction before their marriage 6 months ago. Please pray for restoration, humility, wisdom, trials, forgiveness, and self-control.


Dennis and Jose were receptive to the Gospel this evening. Dennis has a praying mother, he recently lost his job, and now he is living with her. Jose looked to be really thinking about things. Could you pray the Lord leads them to repentance & faith?

Britney- wants "proof that God exists". Was given The Case for Christ to watch.

Rita, Barbara, Maggie, and Dale all unsaved. Rita is a practicing Catholic, 85 years old with cancer. Barbara, Maggie and Dale all reject "organized religion"

Kurt and Lucy are both unsaved. Pray they would come to Christ in repentance and that they would be saved.

Joan K is 81 years old and not saved. She is antagonist toward the things of God and Alzheimer's is creeping up on her.

Jonty is 20 yrs old. Although he has heard the Gospel, he is full of pride and sees the church full of hypocrites. He has no interaction with Christians.

Ryan is an alcoholic that is asking a lot of questions concerning Christ.

Jacob Mullins- Salvation. He is living with Drema. Please pray God would open his eyes to the truth and save him. Also, please pray that Drema and husband would be firm, yet loving and gentle with him during his "difficult" moments.

Levita asks for salvation for loved ones and that God will grant grace and His Holy Spirit to do the work of sanctification. That I may be a light for those who interact with me to see. I want to serve God.

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